Mitha Space

Share And Protect Your Google Drive Files

File sharing platform with Google Drive synchronization, helps those of you who experience Unable to Download on Google Drive
or experience Google Drive Limit too, so we hereby provide a solution so you can not overcome Google Drive Limit download

What is Mitha Space?

Mitha Space is a tool to protect Google Drive files, you can share files, pictures, video, audio and flash on the same place.

What the Benefit?

Prevent Quota Limits & Suspended File.
Sharing file without telling users the real Google Drive File Link, so your account will be secured.

What kind of files can be share?

All kinds of your Google Drive Files.
The only restrictions are for pornography, nudity, sexual images and any kind offensive material, and, of course, copyrighted material

Is Mitha Space really free

Yes, There are no hidden costs, no monthly subscription or else. You can use this service for free.

Is there the terms of service & privacy policy?

You can access the the terms of service here and privacy policy here

I still have questions, what should I do?

If you still have questions regarding our services don't hesitate to contact us using our Contact form.

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